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Stories written and submitted by Nick Scipio.

Nick Scipio

Betsy Gets Lucky

Cindy was the only woman who ever meant anything to Howard, but she was gone. He'd met others who reminded him of her, but things always ended the same way. Then he helps Betsy out of a tight spot...

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Nick Scipio

Let it Snow

A Jazz Club Story - I walked her to her car, a Christmas tune competing with thoughts of how her breast pressed against my arm. Then she kissed me, long and...

Nick Scipio

The Assignment

A story about a coed and a young man in the University library. I originally wrote this for a very close friend. In other words, this was written for one...

Nick Scipio


A Jazz Club Story - "There's a line for the women's room," she said to me as she shut the door behind her. She grinned mischievously at the sound of the click...