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Theresa The Elder

Theresa The Elder
Helping his drunken brother and his girlfriend, he gets an unexpected reward.

I was doing what many fif year olds do at 11:30 on a Friday night when they’re in the privacy of their own bedroom. I was reading th the letters in Penthouse forum and jerking o. I had my towel next to me all ready to catch the load and was reading about a male estate agent that was fucking two clients in a prospective house. It was a very well written piece (though not exactly a believable one) and I was heading for the final push when a loud bang against my window made me jump nearly out of my skin. Institively I went into my emergey procedure for masturbatory ruption, pulling the covers over me and stashing the magazine under the towel, which was also under the covers. My dick instantly wilted as I opened my ears to try and figure out what the noise had been.

Something had hit my window. I looked over my shoulder at the window in question. The blinds as well as the curtains were closed of course. Like most agers I lived in constant of being discovered whipping o. I always made sure the room was sealed and that there was no possible sightline from the outside to the inside before I initiated jacking. So what had hit the window? My room was on the second floor, overlooking the driveway. It was unlikely at best that anyone could be standing outside the window on the small section of roof there. Had someone passing by our dark street thrown something at my window? Why would they do that? Why my window out of all the others on the street?

While I was considering these points and waiting for my adrenaline rush to ease o, something clattered oe more, a little louder this time. What in the hell was going on?

I pulled my sweats up and clied out of bed, careful to coeal the instruments of my self-pleasure beneath the covers oe more. I pushed the blind and the curtain aside a little and peered down into our driveway. Light from our porchlight provided scant illumination. I looked just in time to see Theresa, my older brother’s girlfriend, who was standing in the driveway, toss a small rock at my window. It struck four ihes to the right of my face, making another loud clatter.

What in the hell was she doing? She was dressed smartly, as if for a party. She had on a short red skirt that showed o her attractive legs nicely. Her legs were covered with a pair of black nylons. Her red hair was somewhat in disarray however and her face was showing trepidation. She’d been the star performer in more than one of my fantasies. I particularly liked to visualize her pussy. Was it covered with red hair like her head? She was hot; and a student at that. My brother had always had a way with the opposite sex, ever sie junior . But with Theresa he’d outdone himself. Greg was still in ; a senior. And let me tell you he was the hero of his peers for having bagged himself not only a chick, but one that was pretty hot to trot as well.

She saw me looking down at her and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. I saw that my brother’s Trans Am was parked, not in front of the house as it usually was, but between our driveway and the neighbor’s driveway. Odd. Theresa began waving frantically at me. After a moment I figured out that she wanted me to come down. Why? Where was Greg? I finally figured that there was only one way to find out.

I threw on a shirt and some shoes and then opened my door. The hall was dark as I walked quietly past my parent’s bedroom, where the snores of my father could be heard drifting th the closed door, and went down the stairs. I opened the front door and stepped out into the chilly night. Theresa was waiting for me on the porch. My eyes widened as I got a good look at her.

She had vomit all over her. It stained the front of her skirt and both arms of her sweater. There was even some on her pantyhose. I could smell it. The distitive odor of barf mixed with a heavy kicker of alcohol. Her face seemed to be well beyond the point of disgust and into unwilling acceptae of her situation.

“What the hell happened?” I asked.

“Thank God you came out.” She told me. “I need your help.”

“My help?”

She nodded, jerking her thu in the general direction of my brother’s car. “Greg had a little too much to drink at a party tonight.” She explained, and then amended. “Actually, a LOT too much to drink. He’s been throwing up and he’s barely conscious. If your parents find out, they’ll kill him. They’ll take his car away from him.”

“Yep.” I said, making no move to help her, a smile forming on my face. “They sure will.”

Though Theresa, whom Greg had been dating about four months, always went out of her way to be nice to me, Greg certainly never had. He was self-centered and always scheming. He was, in short, an asshole. He delighted in teasing me in front of his or my friends, calling me a pussy, a faggot, or claiming he caught me jacking o to publications. Sie we were little kids he’d always blamed me for things that he’d done wrong. And he was such a good liar that my parents usually believed him. It is safe to say that at that particular point in my life I had little love for Greg. I would have gladly seen his car taken away from him, hell, I almost would have enjoyed seeing him marched o to the gas chaer.

Theresa saw this in my face. “Please Mark.” She pleaded, casting a soul-melting expression at me. “I know Greg doesn’t always treat you nicely but you’d be helping me too. I’m always nice to you aren’t I. I’ve been trying to get him to ease up on you a little.”

“You haven’t been very eective.” I said, my resolve already fading under her beautiful green eyes.

“If you help us,” She promised. “I’ll let him know that he owes you a big one.” She smiled. “You’ll even have something to hold over his head, if you know what I mean.”

I sighed. “All right.” I told her. “I’ll help you. Where is he? In the car?”

She nodded, “Thank you so much. You’re a sweetheart.”

I was glowing warmly under her praise as I followed her to the passenger side of the Trans Am. The glow disappeared in an instant however when she opened the door. The odor that I’d noticed clinging to Theresa came rushing out at me, hitting me like a nerve gas and making me gag and almost puke myself. My brother was curled up in a ball in the passenger seat, still wearing the stylish clothes that he’d left the house in five hours earlier. Vomit was everywhere in there. It was caked on the seat covers, puddled on the floormat and in the compartment between the two seats. It was all over his clothes. Some of it was even in his hair.

“Jesus that’s gross.” I complained to Theresa. “How did you sit in this car with that?”

She gave me a cynical smile. “You get used to it.” She told me. “It’s what I get for going for younger guys I guess. Come on, let’s get him out of there.”

“Can he walk?” I asked, envisioning the two of us trying to carry him silently up the flight of stairs, past our parent’s bedroom. That would be hard enough, if not impossible. But it would be completely out of the question getting him up the ladder that led to the attic. Greg, several years before, had gotten permission to convert our attic into his bedroom. The motherfucker had done a good job too. He had a bathroom up there with a shower, his own phone line, a TV, even a small refrigerator. My Dad had paid for much of these improvements as long as Greg did the work. I couldn’t wait until he moved his ass out of the house so I could take over the room.

“I hope so.” Theresa answered. “He was able to walk to the car, though we had to stop to let him barf oe.”

“Great.” I said, leaning into the car while I commeed breathing th my mouth.

As soon as I grabbed his arm I regretted it. My hands contacted a patch of vomit. Wiing with disgust I began tugging, trying to pull him into an upright position.

“Greg, come on.” Theresa chided, leaning in and grabbing the other arm. As she leaned forward I felt her nylon-covered leg pushing against mine. Even th the disgusting circumstaes we were dealing with, I liked the way it felt. I liked it even more when she leaned further past me to strengthen her grip and the weight of her breasts pushed against my forearm.

We tugged and called his name and finally he achieved a state of semi- catatonia that allowed him to follow simple commands. We had him stand up but he was unable to maintain his balae and we each had to grab him around the shoulders. Vomit was now staining my arms and my clothes. The smell made the air seem thicker around us.

We walked him into the house without much iident and navigated him up the stairs. Here there was a little diiculty as his legs refused to negotiate the steps in a smooth manner. To make things worse he started giggling at something and trying to erace Theresa.

“Greg!” She hissed.

“Wha… Baby?” He said loudly, much too loudly.

“Greg, shut the fuck up!” I whispered in his ear. “If you wake up Mom and Dad it’s gonna be your ass. Now walk!”

“Shheeeeit!” He scoed, belching a wet burp. Thankfully though, he took my message to heart and remained silent.

We crept by my parent’s room, hearing the heartening sound of my Dad’s continued snores from inside. It wasn’t my Dad I was worried about however. A nuclear blast wouldn’t wake him up. My Mom, however, was a frightfully light sleeper. We made it past and around the corner to the fold-up ladder that led to Greg’s attic room.

Using the pole that always sat there, I disengaged the ladder and let it slide to the floor. Though I never remeered it squeaking before it suddenly let out a squeal that sounded like someone slaughtering a pig to my ears. I wied, waiting for my parent’s bedroom door to burst open. It didn’t happen.

“How are we going to get him up there?” Theresa asked me.

“He’s gonna have to cli himself or were not gonna be able to.” I told her.

“I’ll cli up first to help him in.” She said. “You stay down here and help him onto the ladder.”

“Right.” I answered, taking over the duty of holding him up as she mounted the ladder.

As she clied upward I couldn’t help but stare right up her skirt. My eyes were riveted there. Her beautiful legs tapered upward to the jution of her crotch, which was covered by the panty portion of her pantyhose. I didn’t see any actual flesh but it was still quite an exciting view and my dick stiened a little in my sweats. She reached the top and pulled herself inside. She seemed to have no idea of what she’d just shown me.

“Send him up.” Theresa said, peering down at me now.

I nodded and then shook Greg back awake. “Greg, you need to cli up to your room.”

“Huh?” He said, only half awake, his head lolling loosely on his neck.

I physically put his hands on the ladder. “Cli Goddamit!” I barked at him, kicking one of his feet onto the bot rung.

He seemed to get the idea. He started up but was far from coordinated enough to manage on his own. I held onto his waist, steadying him as he went upward at the rate of about one step every thirty seconds. Finally, after an eternity, he was far enough up so that Theresa could grab his armpits and pull him the rest of the way up. She tugged and his legs disappeared th the trap door. There was then a thump from above me and a muted obscenity from Theresa.

I clied quickly up and found my oe-again-uonscious brother lying atop her. Her legs were spread wide, oe again giving me a view between them. Before I could admire this for any length of time, she croaked, “Get him the fuck o of me!”

I grabbed him and rolled him o, allowing her to crawl out from underneath. She now had twice as much vomit on her as she had before. She looked at herself with disgust, shaking her head sadly.

“What should we do with him now?” I asked. “Put him in bed?”

Fate answered the question for us. He began to hitch and hiccup uontrollably, the unmistakable harbinger of vomit to come.

“Shit.” Theresa said. “The bathroom, quick!”

We rolled him over to his sach and grabbed him under the arms. Bodily we dragged him across the floor and into the bathroom where we planted his face in the toilet bowl just in the nick of time. He began spewing gobs of fresh alcohol scented vomit. It went on for nearly five minutes before he stopped and passed out oe more, this time with his head still in the toilet bowl.

Theresa and I looked at each other and then back at him. “What now?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I say we leave him there. He’s probably not done barfing yet and that’s the most convenient place for him to be.”

I nodded at her wisdom. “Good point.” I told her.

She smiled at me warmly. Strangely enough we felt very close to each other at that particular moment. The task we’d just completed had instilled a sense of camaraderie between us.

“Thanks for helping.” She told me. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“No problem.” I replied. “But he owes me big for this one.”

She nodded and said. “Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to get home tonight.”

“Why don’t you just stay here?” I suggested. “Sneak out in the morning when he’s sober enough to drive you home?”

“Are you kidding? My Dad would kill me if I stayed out all night. He already doesn’t like Greg as it is.”

I was confused. “But you’re nine. Your Dad still tells you when to come home?”

She shook her head sadly. “Let me tell something Mark. Being nine don’t mean shit when you still live at home. I had more freedom when I was six.”

“Wow.” I said. That was a totally coept to me.

She thought for a moment. “Do you know how to drive?”


“Drive.” She said, miming the operation of a steering wheel. “I know you’re only fif, but do you physically know how to drive a car? Tell me if you don’t.”

“I have my learner’s permit.” I told her, not seeing where this was heading.

“How about this,” She suggested. “You let me drive you to my house in his car and then you drive his car back here. It’s not that far and it should be safe if you’re careful.”

“Whoa, hold on.” I protested. “I could get into a lot of trouble if I get caught doing that.”

ly?” She said, smiling. “How much trouble? Suppose you get pulled over by the cops. What would happen? You don’t have a license so they can’t take it away from you. They’d bring you home and tell your parents, at which point you would confess the whole story to them. Who would be the one to get reamed? You, or Greg?”

I thought about this for a moment. It would be Greg of course that would take the brunt of my parent’s anger. After all, I was the younger child, easily corrupted. Greg would be seen as the catalyst to the whole thing. Besides, my old man was a cop. He would understand about trying to cover up a wrongdoing. He would probably even respect my actions.

“Okay.” I finally said. “I’ll do it.”

“Great.” She said. She then took a good look at herself. “But I can’t go home like this. I need to wash these clothes and take a shower first.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “I know the feeling.”

“Can you run these th the washer quick and then dry them without your parents waking up?”

Our washing machine was in the garage and could not be heard from inside the house. “Sure.” I told her.

She nodded, standing up. “No time to lose.” She headed for the bathroom, closing the door behind her. A few minutes later she emerged oe more, wrapped in a white towel. She had the pile of laundry in her hands. She explained the basic instructions on how the clothes were to be washed to me but most of it went in one ear and out the other I was so transfixed at the sight of her standing there in a towel. Her skin was absolutely perfect. I could see her bare shoulders and the tops of her breasts. I could see her bare legs from the upper t downward. I ly envied my brother at that moment. How many times had he fucked her?

“You got it?” She said, handing over the pile.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Good, I’m gonna go hop in the shower. Your parents won’t hear it will they?”

I shook my head, noticing that she had a freckle on her upper left t. I wanted to kiss it. “They might hear the water running th the pipes but they won’t think anything of it. I need to take a shower too though. And they will hear if I do it downstairs. Leave the water running when you’re done so they don’t hear it stop and start again.”

“Okay.” She said, turning and heading to the bathroom oe again.

I carried her laundry down the ladder and crept silently downstairs, easing th the house to the garage. I flipped on the light, cursing as I saw that the washing machine was already full of wet clothes that my mother had laundered before going to bed. I pulled them out and started to stu Theresa’s clothes in their place. I stopped as I came to her pantyhose.

The legs were heavily stained with vomit but the upper part wasn’t. I folded the crotch outward and looked at it. There was a small stain of crusty white right where her slit would have been. Dried pussy juice. I saw a few stray hairs sticking in it. They were red I saw and very curly. I bt the crotch to my nose and took a sni. The odor was much stronger than I’d expected, it was nearly overpowering at that range. It wasn’t sweet at all but the steh of sweat tinged with urine and a faint underlying scent of pussy secretions. It smelled like a woman.

My eyes watering, I threw the pantyhose on top of the pile, added some soap, and turned on the machine. I went quietly back upstairs, stopping in my room for fresh sweats, underwear, and a shirt. I carried these back up my brother’s ladder and pulled it closed behind me.

The water in the shower was still running and there was no Theresa in sight, so I stood around patiently, not wanting to sit down on anything in the filthy clothes I was wearing. As I waited there, staring at the bathroom door my mind began explaining to me that Theresa was naked just on the other side of the door. Was she soaping her shining body up right now? Was she gliding her hands over those wonderful titties that I’d felt leaning against my arm? Was she running her fingers th her pussy maybe? My dick, which had been near release earlier, stiened up oe again, wanting to be stroked. With I saw that it was pushing the front of my sweats out noticeably.

I tried to coentrate on something else. It was a battle but finally I wilted down again. I had a bad moment when I started wondering what she was going to wear. Just the towel? I fought my growing erection back down just as the door opened up.

She was wearing a towel in her hair and one of my brother’s T-shirts on her body. It came down to just below the tops of her ts and I was treated oe more to the alluring view of her legs. She smiled, walking towards me, telling me the shower was free. Her loose, bra- less tits jiggled this way and that as she moved. I could make out the faint outline of her nipples and aureoles th the thin layer of cotton. I rushed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me, before my renewed hard-on became noticeable.

It was ly weird stripping down and taking a shower while my brother sat uonscious not more than five feet away, his head still in the toilet bowl. I kept having to glae at him while I washed, just to make sure he wasn’t moving. He never did. My dick, inspired by the sight of Theresa in a T-shirt and some skin, stayed rigid before me. I was tempted to jack it o quick, knowing that it would only take a few moments. I told myself that there was no lock on the bathroom door. I told myself that Greg could wake up at any moment. It did no good. After washing my body, but before washing my hair, I took myself in hand and began stroking. Going th my mind was the image of Theresa and the feel of her tits on my arm. I shot o a huge load in less than a minute.

I felt much better as I left the bathroom, closing the door behind me but leaving the light on for Greg’s benefit should he wake up. Theresa sat on the bed, coing her wet hair with a brush. Her legs were crossed but I could see all the way up her t to where her ass cheek began. I tried to keep my eyes away from this as I sat down in a chair across from her.

“You’ve been a great help tonight.” She told me oe more. “I’ll make sure your brother treats you a little nicer after this.”

I snorted. “Yeah, good luck.” I said.

She asked how long it would take for her clothes to finish and I gave her my best estimate of wash and dry time. She seemed satisfied with it. We began to chat about things. I asked her what was like and she told me. She asked if I had any girlfriends and I truthfully replied that I didn’t currently. She commiserated with me, expressing shock that a handsome guy like myself wasn’t getting any. She was very easy to talk to and I could see why my brother liked her.

As she talked and brushed she would occasionally uross and recross her legs. Each time she did this I was oered a split second view between them. I tried not to look, I ly did, but it was as if there were a magnet pulling my eyes there. I didn’t see much anyway but what I did see was enough to give me suicient material for the next few months. I could make out the briefest impression of a nest of curly red hair, the color of a brand new penny. My dick, despite being depressurized in the shower, was threatening to spring forth oe again.

Finally she noticed where my eyes were when she adjusted herself. She stopped what she was doing, staring at me. “Are you looking between my legs?” She asked, her voice registering amusement more than anything else.

“No!” I said, blushing furiously, mortified that I’d been caught.

“You WERE.” She said, her voice teasing. “Did you like what you saw?”

“I didn’t see anything!” I assured her. “I wasn’t looking.”

“Oh come on.” She said, setting the brush down. “I saw you. Did you like it?”

“Well, I didn’t ly see anything. I swear.”

“Hmmmph.” She grunted, sliding a fingernail over the top of her t, making a scratching sound. Her eyes started to twinkle. “Would you LIKE to see something?”

“Huh?” To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

“Well,” She shrugged playfully. “I might as well show it to someone tonight.” She jerked her head towards the bathroom. “It’s obvious Greg won’t get any enjoyment from it. So, do you wanna see it?”

I was speechless. I’d been laid exactly twice at that point in my life, both with the same girl, both with a lot of fuling, frustrating build-up. I’d never had anyone say anything even remotely like what Theresa was saying to me. Was she ly oering to show me her pussy?

“Well?” She asked, stroking her ts up and down with both hands now. “Final oer.”

I nodded, still iapable of speech.

With a sexy smile she slowly parted her legs. I remeer everything, every detail about it. I could hear the slight sucking sound as the flesh of each t separated from its partner. I could hear the minute creak of the bedsprings as her weight shifted. As she spread her legs she pulled the hem of the T-shirt upwards, over the top of her navel. I saw the nest of curly copper hair that I’d only previously gotten glimpses of. It was thick and tangled. In the center of this I could see her swollen pussy lips. They were open slightly and glistening with moisture that reflected the light from the overhead bulb. She dipped a finger into it, pressing it between the lips and moving it around a little. I heard the squish of this action reach my ears. She pulled the finger out and stuck it in her mouth, sucking on it for a moment.

“Your jaw is damn near on the floor.” She teased, looking at me, her own face blushing now. “What do you think?”

“Its uh… great.” I stammered, feeling my dick solidify in my pants

“Great?” She said, opening up a little wider. “Is that what it is? Just great?”

“I mean, uh, beautiful.” I amended.

“Come over here.” She told me, her voice more now.

I stood up, treling all over, and walked before her. My erection was oe more tenting out the front of my sweats. She reached out and grasped it, giving it a pleasurable squeeze. “I see you DO like it.” She told me. “Would you like to see my tits too?”

“Yes.” I nodded, breathing faster with the hand action she was applying to my dick.

“Then take o my shirt.” She held her arms up in the air so I could do this.

With my hands jerking in nervous tremors I grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted upward, pulling it o of her body. Her tits were magnificent, the best I’d ever seen in the flesh before. They were about the of grapefruits and they sagged only a little. The nipples were large and surrounded by a pale aureole the diameter of a fifty-cent piece. I dropped her shirt to the floor as I stared at them.

“Take o your clothes.” She told me as her hand dropped between her legs and began lightly playing with her pussy, making delicious wet noises.

I removed my shirt and then dropped my sweats to the floor. I hesitated a little but finally dropped my BVDs too, allowing my cock out into the air. She reached forward with her hand and stroked it, nearly bringing me to my knees. She then leaned forward and planted a kiss on the head, just a brief one but it sent tingles of electricity th my body. No mouth had ever touched my cock before.

She withdrew from me and scooted backwards on the bed, lying flat, her legs spread slightly, her hand still in her pussy, stroking. She patted the bed next to her. “Come on.” She said. “Cli aboard.”

I got into the bed next to her and she rolled up on her side, facing me. She put her arms around me and bt her lips to mine. Her tongue slid into my mouth, gliding with mine. Her tits pressed to my chest, nipple to nipple. Her leg came up around me and I felt the erotic sensation of smooth female flesh gliding back and forth from my butt to my knee. Her smell was almost more than I could take. She smelled feminine and clean, with just a hint of pheromones from her wet pussy reaching my nose. I returned her erace, allowing my hands to stroke her body, feeling the soft flesh of her back, the side-swell of her tits, the rounded protrusion of her firm ass cheeks. She moaned approval as I felt her with my fingers.

She rolled onto her back, pulling me half atop her. I began to feel her tits. They were soft and springy, very pliable. I tweaked the nipples with my fingers. She broke our kiss and began licking and sucking my neck and ears. She knew what to do with her tongue, everywhere she touched bt pleasure to me. She grabbed my hand and moved it down between her legs. My fingers moved th her kinky nest of hair and into a warm wetness. I stuck a finger inside of her and then two. She was saturated and they went in easily. Against the back of my hand I felt her inner ts.

Oe my hand was moving in and out of her she pushed my head downward until my mouth was on her breast. I suckled her nipple, tonguing it to the best of my ability. She moved her shoulders to the rhythm as I switched from one nipple to the other.

I decided that I would eat her. I’d done it a few times before, both with the girl that I fucked and one other that I never did manage to make cock/cunt contact with. I felt I knew what I was doing for the most part. I’d gotten hold of the Joy of Sex and several other books that explained the best manner of going about cunnilingus and had studied them well. My previous partners had both seemed to like my technique. I left her breasts behind and kissed my way down her sach.

“What are you doing?” She asked playfully as I continued my trip south.

I didn’t answer her. I reached the top of her pubic hair and began to kiss my way around the outside of her bush. The smell of her sex was now very heavy in my nose and I loved it. It was the strongest I’d ever eountered before. It was the smell, not of a aged girl, but of a full-grown woman in lust. Her leg came up around my back, opening her to my mouth.

She moaned deeply as I began plunging my tongue between her wet lips. I sucked the lips gently, moving back and forth, teasing and becoming , but avoiding her protruding clit, as the books had instructed, for the time being. When her hips began to move up and down I started putting gentle licks and finally sucks on her clit. She moaned and squealed loudly, her pelvis thrusting up and down regularly and involuntarily. I captured it between my lips and began a steady suction as I put my fingers inside of her oe again and began thrusting. She damn near lost her mind it seemed. She moaned and cried and pulled my hair for nearly two minutes before her body relaxed and her hands dropped away.

She grabbed me by the armpits and pulled me upwards, staring at me with a wild expression, her face sweaty. “Where in the hell did you learn to do that?” She demanded.

I shrugged nohalantly. “Here and there.”

“Christ.” She exclaimed. “Nobody’s ever made me come while they were eating me before. Nobody’s ever made me come like that at all before.”

I smiled, beaming with pride at my accomplishment. By everybody she of course meant my brother too. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a certain amount of an inferiority complex towards him. To hear that I’d pleasured his woman in a way that he couldn’t was music to my ears.

“Lie on your back.” She told me, sitting up on the bed. “It’s your turn.”

I did as she said, my dick sticking up in the air like a flagpole. She put her feet on the floor and walked around to the foot of the bed. She kneeled on the mattress between my legs and grabbed one of my feet. She d it with her hands and then put it against her sach, sliding it upwards along her body, allowing me to feel her soft flesh. She moved it over her breasts, lingering there and then bt it to her face.

She sucked my big toe into her mouth and began sucking on it like it was a cock. This was a new experiee for me and the sensation was iredible. She sucked each one of my toes, running her tongue into the spaces in between them and then started kissing her way up my leg. I felt her wet tongue caressing my ankle, my knee, my lower t, and finally my upper t where she lingered for a while, driving me nearly insane with pleasure and anticipation. She kissed my pubic hair, my ball sack and then ran her tongue slowly up the shaft of my cock, swirling it around when she reached the head. She took me into her mouth, swallowing me whole and sucking up and down until I thought I was going to blast down her throat.

Before I could do that however, she stopped. Staring me in the eyes, keeping her hand on my shaft, she straddled me, placing the head of my dick against her soaked pussy lips. She rubbed me back and forth for a moment and then sank down upon me, enfolding me within her body. I slid in to the hilt eortlessly, feeling her muscles grip every square ih of my meat. I sighed in pure pleasure.

“You like that?” She asked. “You like your cock in my red haired pussy?”

“Yeah.” I breathed.

“I’m gonna fuck you now.” She promised, staring in my eyes still. “I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

With that she began moving up and down, slowly at first and then picking up speed. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits, where I started squeezing and kneading. Soon my pelvis was moving of its own accord. Her juices poured out of her, causing wet tickles on my inner ts and my scrotum. My breathing quickened.

Her pelvis became a blur of motion, her lips pulsing back and forth with entry and retreat. I felt myself biting my lip in sheer pleasure. Now ordinarily I would have come by now. When I’d fucked Kim those two times I came in the condom within three minutes of entry no matter how hard I coentrated on prolonging the action. But, thanks to my jack-o session in the shower a few minutes before, orgasm thankfully stayed at bay as I pounded in and out her.

For nearly ten minutes she boued atop me. She moaned and screamed her way th two more orgasms. Finally I felt the tingle running up my spine. I pulled her down to me, mashing her breasts against my chest and thrusting my tongue into her mouth. I slammed frantically up into her, moving at damn near the speed of sound. Her body was sweaty and perspiration dripped o of her forehead onto me.

She heard me panting and pulled her mouth o of mine. “Yesss!” She eouraged breathlessly. “Do it! Come in my pussy! Come in me! Shoot in me!”

“Ahhhhh!” I groaned as orgasm overtook me. I shot o a monstrous load into her clehing , much more than I would have thought possible after so recently coming prior to this. It poured out of her and ran down between my legs, staining my brother’s coorter.

Gradually my thrusts came to a stop and she collapsed atop me, kissing my face and my forehead and rubbing her sweaty head into my hair. At last she looked at me, her green eyes shining.

“Where did you learn how to fuck like that?” She asked. “Jesus, I thought I was doing you a favor by giving you some but you’re the one who showed ME.”

I shrugged. “Oh, here and there.” I told her.

I went downstairs a few minutes later to change her laundry into the dryer. When I returned my brother was still in his previous position and Theresa was naked on the bed oe more. I fucked her again, taking her from behind this time and lasting nearly twenty-five minutes before I shot o a weaker load into her body. She cooed with satisfaction afterword.

Shortly after this her clothes were done. I bt them to her and we put part two of our plan in action. She drove me to her house in my brother’s Trans Am. At the door she insisted on giving me a long, tongue swirling kiss, explaining that her father was probably watching and would expect it.

I was quite nervous as I drove home but I made it safely, not even eountering a passing cop on the way. I put the keys to the car on my brother’s nightstand, noting that he was still in the exact same position he’d been in when I left. As I left the room I saw the two large, wet stains on his bedspread that Theresa and I had left there. I wondered what he would make of them. I wondered what he would think when he woke up.

Ten minutes later I was sound asleep, figuring that orrow holds lots of possibilities.

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