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Exclamation Point

A Jazz Club Story - When she shifted in her seat and spread her legs slightly, I glimpsed a healthy expanse of her taut thighs. She rubbed her palms along the material of her skirt and the hem climbed deliciously higher... (This is the first of five Jazz Club stories.)

Around the corner from my office, there’s a place where I like to go. It’s a restaurant, with the bar upstairs. We call it the Jazz Club, although it’s officially named after its location. It’s in a wonderful old Antebellum house, with dark wood paneling, ceilings and a rich, tasteful ambiance.

I like it there because it’s got a nice selection of single malt Scotch, and they allow cigar smoking in the bar. I don’t actually like cigars–smoking them or being around the smoke–but I do like my pipe. The Jazz Club is one of the few places where I can be comfortable and enjoy the flavors of my sweet Cavendish tobacco and a glass of Macallan.

So I’m there once, maybe twice a week, with or without my business partner, to relax after work. The bar opens at 4:30, and I guess I’m a regular. At least, I’m on a first name basis with all the servers, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I had to tell the bartender what to pour for me.

I usually go there on Tuesdays. The girl who works cocktail is cute, and nice to talk to when it’s slow and there are few other patrons. We have an uncomplicated relationship, and she can sense if I’m in a talkative mood or not. Even when there’s a crush of people in the bar, and she’s busy taking care of them, my drink never runs dry, and she knows not to ask if I want a fourth.

Gabriel, my partner, wanted to knock off early yesterday, so we headed to the Jazz Club. We got to the club and were the first people upstairs. I headed straight for my favorite padded easy chair (the one by the fireplace) and Gabriel sat down on the couch to my left. No one asked us what we wanted to drink; the bartender simply had two glasses on the bar and was pouring the amber liquid before we were even fully seated.

I like the place. It’s nice. Comfortable. Relaxing.

Gabriel and I talked about work for a while, and then conversation turned to his upcoming Christmas party. It was stuff we’d spoken about before, but Gabriel is an only child, and he liked to hear himself talk. So I let him, while I simply enjoyed puffing on my pipe and savoring the sherried flavor of the whiskey.

The bar began to fill with the after-work professional crowd that favored the place, and I found myself listening less and less to Gabriel and doing more people watching. It’s something I enjoy; I like watching human nature in action.

Normally, I’d let my glance drift from patron to patron, watching them for a few moments, taking in their mannerisms, and trying to come up with “their story” in my head. Was he a banker? Did the older guy realize that the younger woman he was with was eying the bartender speculatively? Were the couple in the corner married, or was she his mistress? Things like that.

Last night, however, my attention was captured by a leggy brunette sitting at the end of the bar. She was talking to an equally leggy blonde to her right. The brunette was in her mid- thirties, perhaps a few years older than me, with dark, wavy, flowing hair that was styled to about mid-shoulder. She was wearing a trim business jacket and a very short matching skirt. Her smooth, tanned legs were muscular, and the strappy heels she wore looked expensive and accentuated her calves nicely.

She occasionally crossed or uncrossed her legs as she talked to her friend, and I found my eyes drawn to them as I half-listened to Gabriel. He was in his own world, talking about what he enjoyed (and, more importantly, where he bought it), and didn’t seem to notice that my mind had wandered. Anyway, I honestly don’t think I could’ve held a substantive conversation with him about Cajun fried turkey from Neiman Marcus.

So, I watched the woman at the end of the bar. She was tall, probably 5’9″ without the heels, and trim. The business jacket was fitted, conforming to her flat stomach and then swelling to accommodate her pear-shaped breasts. Her cream colored silk blouse highlighted her tan. It was an elegant outfit, and as I watched, I couldn’t decide which part of her it was designed to showcase. I finally decided that her entire body was on display. The way she was dressed, I could easily imagine her nude, every curve of her body highlighted–but not hidden–by her clothing.

I admired her elegant figure for a time and then started watching her mannerisms. She drank with her left hand, with an easy grace and no touch of hesitation; and she talked with her hands in precise, controlled motions to illustrate her point. She wasn’t emphatic with her movements, just poised and polished.

She also had a habit of brushing her hair back with her hand as she spoke, drawing attention to the long line of her neck. As I watched her, I decided that the hair-brushing gesture was more practical than calculated. Women who want to be noticed look around to see who’s noticing them. This woman was talking to her friend–crossing and uncrossing her long legs, brushing her hair back–and not paying any attention to the guys around the bar.

I immediately liked her attitude, her self-confidence. Under other circumstances, I’d probably enjoy meeting her. In a bar, introducing myself would be entirely too cliched. Buying her and her friend a drink would fall into the same category. So I simply admired her from across the room, listening with half an ear as Gabriel told me about the Wolferman’s mini English muffins he’d ordered for the party.

Eventually, Gabriel had to go to the restroom. The woman’s friend rose at the same time, and she and Gabriel almost collided as they headed for the stairs. The brunette turned my direction, to stretch her legs, and looked up at me. We made eye contact and I held it.

She had pretty blue eyes and I smiled. As she smiled in return, she cocked her head to the side, never taking her eyes from mine, and then uncrossed her legs. When I didn’t look down, she arched her eyebrows inquisitively. I smiled again and kept looking at her face, resolutely refusing to take the bait, tempting as it might have been.

She shifted in her seat and spread her legs slightly. Her short skirt had already ridden up and I could see a healthy expanse of her taut thighs. Ostensibly drying her hands, she rubbed them over her material-clad legs. When she drew her palms towards her body, she pulled the hem of her skirt deliciously higher.

After a questioning glance in my direction, she looked toward her lap and then raised her eyes to look at me again. They glittered and she smirked invitingly; my resistance vanished. My gaze slowly fell from her face, finally coming to rest at the junction of her muscular thighs.

“Oh!” I breathed quietly, with only a slight start as I realized that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Her hands still on the tops of her thighs, she arched her back and spread her knees slightly, affording me a better view. Her pussy was neatly shaved, with only a thin strip of dark hair down the center of her mons, leading to her sex.

Like an exclamation point, I chuckled to myself. This woman enjoyed her body, enjoyed her pussy. No, I thought to myself, she enjoyed her Pussy! Exclamation point.

My penis swelled at the sight, stiffening and bending uncomfortably against my boxer shorts. I shifted as unobtrusively as I could and straightened it, giving it room to expand down the leg of my shorts, covered only by the thin fabric of my linen slacks.

I was captivated by the sight of her exposed pussy for another moment or two, enjoying the feeling as I became fully erect. Reluctantly, I pulled my eyes away and looked up. As my gaze lifted, she closed her legs demurely, and my eyes met hers.

She smiled and lifted an eyebrow at me, as if to say, “Well?”

I grinned and mouthed, “Beautiful.”

Her eyes dropped to my lap, to the thickness of my erection, obvious to anyone who cared to look. She studied it for moment, and then licked her lips. I let her look, it was only fair. When her eyes held mine again, they glinted expressively. With an appreciative, whimsical nod, she wordlessly said, “Thank you.”

She smiled and unconsciously moistened her lips again, her pink tongue sliding over the darker red of her lipstick, and then blushed as she realized what she’d done. I grinned knowingly and we shared a silent conversation with only our eyes.

In a moment, both her friend and Gabriel returned. The brunette looked at me and winked as she grinned. I nodded politely, and with a conspiratorial grin of my own, we each turned back to our friends.

No, I thought, I didn’t need to introduce myself to her. Too cliched.

I relit my pipe and half-listened to Gabriel talk about the Dean & Deluca fruitcakes he’d just ordered for the party.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the smoke, and then the texture of the Scotch as it rolled over my tongue. When he saw the smile play across my lips, Gabriel must have thought I was envisioning the Kobe beef filet bites he’d just mentioned.

I chuckled to myself. No, I was thinking of something decidedly more delicate. I savored the memory and enjoyed the sensations as my erection slowly subsided.

I liked the feeling. It was nice. Comfortable. Relaxing.

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