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(First week on a new job, & she has to cum already!) by Stephen7Redo ©
Carol started a new job this past week. So far everything has been going great and she feels as if she is adjusting to a very new environment. There just seems to be one obvious problem. Except for her boss, Mr. Zachary, the new office is full of nothing but younger women. Most are particularly good looking she notices. In fact, here it is Thursday and she finds herself walking out into the hallway from her office only to catch Mr. Zachary looking right at Ann, the youngest of the women in the office. Ann is slightly bent over the copier with her tight skirt practically molded to her backside. He is obviously admiring her long sexy legs as his head tilts downward then back up, his probing eyes following from her snug skirt down her well exposed thighs to her heels, twice. Carol knows from the way he ogles the girl his manly penis is likely stirring in his dress slacks as he gets his fill of watching her bottom sway back and forth as she continues to manipulate the office copier.

For some very strange reason she finds herself a little aroused. She fantasizes about not only what kind of underwear her boss wears, boxers or briefs, but even what is under Ann’s skirt. Maybe she is wearing one of those sexy little thongs, or better…maybe nothing.

‘Carol! What are you doing?’ She screams in hear head.

She can’t help it. Her ‘girl’ tingles in the skimpy bikini’s she wears under her own skirt. Before she can think twice more about either one however, she quietly retreats back in to her own office.

It isn’t long before lunch time rolls around. A lot of the girls go to lunch together she finds. She hasn’t gotten into the clique as yet and is still bringing her lunch. But as she leaves her office to go grab a soda from the vending machine she gets stuck behind the group of girls leaving for their lunch hour. Each one of them seems to be dressed sexier than the last as they parade by her in a mass of heels, short skirts, and sexy stockings. At first she shakes her head in amazement at how girls nowadays can dress so provocatively for work. Carol has dressed very professionally all week while she feels the young women flaunt way too much. It also can’t be comfortable to be dressed like that in such tight clothes all day.

Then as she is about to head down the hall the opposite way to get her soda she looks up to see Mr. Zachary sticking his head out of his office again watching all the young women as they giggle and sashay their tight bottoms out the front door. He is standing in his doorway with his back to Carol. Just as the last girl exits she watches as he reaches down the front of his slacks and very obviously grabs himself.

Carol’s mouth falls open as she eases back into her doorway. She can’t believe she is watching her boss adjust himself. Not being able to see his front side she can only imagine how his manhood has grown and is pushing out the fly of his pants. He is still looking out the glass doors as the girls walk across the parking lot. Carol watches as her boss continues to grope himself.

This whole scene thoroughly catches Carol off guard. She watches Mr. Zachary rub his crotch through his pants for a few more seconds before he walks back into his office and closes his door. She can hear the click of the lock. All she can think of at the moment is how he is likely going back in to relieve himself. Carol herself feels that familiar tingle between her legs once again. But this time she also feels an accompanying seeping of warm moisture down there. She can actually feel her panties dampen. She immediately goes back into her own office and closes the door behind her.

She doesn’t lock hers, but she spends a few moments standing behind the closed door trying to comprehend what she has seen and felt in the last few minutes. As she relaxes she begins to let that familiar urge wash over her as she thinks about Mr. Zachary behind his closed door. She is sure he is thinking about the sexy girls that work for him. Her mind races between him and the same girls, all now committed to her memory. She pictures him sitting down behind his big wooden executive desk, his big cock growing in his pants. She sees him unzipping his pants and giving it some room to breathe. The vision of him wrapping his big hand around that hard manhood and beginning to stroke it causes the moisture in her panties to build further.

A wave of pleasure comes over her without her even touching herself as she envisions him giving his cock the attention that it needs. As she pictures him in her mind, his hand continuing to work up and down the shaft of his cock, her hand presses down the front of her skirt until it rests snugly between her thighs. She lets out an audible sigh as she feels the rush down there and she just knows Mr. Zachary is stroking harder by now. Carol rubs herself more briskly, both of them in their respective offices getting more and more excited. Her free hand reaches up and rubs over her left breast until she can feel her nipple stiffen through her blouse and bra.

She gives it a firm pinch. A louder moan escapes her lips.

Carol does her best to keep the volume down knowing there are other people on the side of the door. But the pent up sexual tension requires release. She is torn between embarrassment and arousal, but the thought of her boss’s hard cock in the forefront of her mind makes up her mind and the stirring in her ‘girl’ is not to be denied.

Her former embarrassment turns into sexual curiosity as she reaches between her legs and pushes the thin damp fabric of her panties aside to easily access her ‘girl’. The wetness from her pussy glistens calling out to her. She runs her hand up her inner thigh and over puffy pink lips. She can feel her intense warmth and moisture. She slides two fingers in a ‘V’ over her clit, scissoring the pink bead as her fingertips enter her soaking wet sex.

Her breasts tingle and her nipples are standing out very hard now. She brings up her hand back up and pinches each one. She lets out another moan, but quickly bites her lip as she leans back against the door and rubs her bared pussy slowly. Here she is rubbing her pussy while her boss is likely rubbing his cock sitting behind his desk. She looks out the window on the other side of her own office and starts to rub herself faster and licks her lips as she slides her fingers in and out of her pussy. She can vividly imagine all the things he must be doing to himself where she can’t see.

Carol is off in her own world when she suddenly gets yanked back by the sound of voices and footsteps outside her door. All the girls have not gone to lunch after all. At first she is a bit embarrassed at the thought of someone possibly knowing what she is doing behind that closed door. But then she just as quickly turns her thoughts back to what her boss is doing in his office, likely jerking off like crazy. She rubs herself a little more firmly this time.

As she flicks her clit, she grins and gets more stimulated as she thinks about one of the other girls walking in on their boss and seeing his hard cock exposed. She lets out an extended groan as she strokes faster and faster while still pinching a nipple. Part of her can’t help but wonder if someone really is on the other side of her door silently checking her out as she stands getting wetter and wetter in her panties.

The excitement is almost too much for her to take. She senses the cum welling up in Mr. Zachary’s balls and a drop of pre-cum leaks from the tip of his cock head. Carol uses her thumb to smear her own juices over her swelling lips and it brings out a grainy throated moan as she thrusts her hips forward.

Carol can feel her orgasm build.

She is just about to go over the edge when she sees his cock in her mind and it throbs as it shoots a thick stream of cum up into the air and accosts the young woman that has surprised him. Carol hangs there, on that image, on the edge of her own orgasm until she looks up into her boss’s face…only it isn’t his face she sees as the man strokes faster keeping a firm grip on his shaft while looking deep into her eyes….as two more shots vault from the end of that long hard cock it is no longer her boss but her fantasy cyber lover, Stephen, cumming.

And he is cumming for her, on her!

Carol is suddenly on the receiving end as his cum splashes against her bare stomach. Stephen continues to stroke his cock milking out every drop of cum. Then with a great flash of light then immediate darkness Carol’s eyes roll up in the back of her head as her knees shake and she struggles to keep standing. A flood of pleasure and relief pour through her body. She breathes faster and in stuttering succession groans as each small wave of orgasm washes over her. In her crescendo she holds her breath for a matter seconds then exhales sharply as she falls back into the door.

When she finally can breath again she looks down at her stomach and swears she can see the cum, Stephen’s cum. She surprises even herself when she abruptly takes her hand from between her legs and runs her already wet finger across her bare skin imagining she is fingering his thick white cum. She is warm there, his cum is warm and sticky.

Her finger then comes up to her mouth and she licks it clean tasting not only herself but her fantasy lover’s cum.

She is enjoying the taste of herself and Stephen when…

There is a knock on her door. She jumps nearly falling forward, with her skirt still pulled up and her panties stretched down her still quivering thighs.

“Carol!” It’s Mr. Zachary. “Carol? I need a word with you, please.”

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